Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goldman Goldman Goldman

Much ado about Goldman Sachs. Just wanted to point to two articles that talk about the continuing facepalmable antics of what Matt Taibbi described in his Rolling Stone article as a "Giant Vampire Squid."

First, this from the Baseline Scenario: Fox, Henhouse, which discusses the questionable act of installing a 29 year old Goldman employee as the new COO of the SEC, Adam Storch. The comments are particularly illuminating, especially those of Jack Chase, a former regulator.

Also, this, from the ebullient limey Reuters blogger, Felix Salmon:  Click me
Mr. Salmon reviews a little of Andrew Ross Sorkin's new book, "Too Big To Fail" and talks a little about how things can be fairly legal, yet very very wrong.

Just a stray thought...  I haven't heard anyone deconstruct this "too big to fail" (TBTF) meme into its ultimate significance (huh?).  What I mean, is that if you think about it, and this may be plainly obvious to everyone, TBTF is just blackmail;  it's a trick that kids and immature adults use all the time.  Right?

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