Saturday, October 17, 2009

Organized Crime

We should break down the top criminal organizations, but let's figure out what they are first and try to evaluate them for influence.  Wikipedia emphasizes the following:
  • Sicilian/American Cosa Nostra
  • Neopolitan Camorra
  • Calabrian Ndrangheta
  • Abruzzian Rancitelli
  • Apulian Sacra Corona Unita
  • Russian Mafia
  • Serbian Mafia
  • Israeli Mafia
  • Albanian Mafia
  • Mexican Drug Cartels
  • Columbian Drug Cartels
  • Indian Mafia
  • Chinese Triads
  • Irish Mob
  • Japanese Yakuza
  • Jamaican-British Yardies
  • Turkish Mafia
One of the running themes that will probably emerge is the complete "capture" and "control fraud" occurring at national and international levels.  The best microcosm for this is the Phenix City Story :
 The drama depicts the real-life 1954 assassination of Alabama attorney general Albert Patterson in Phenix City, Alabama, a city controlled by organized crime, and the subsequent imposition of martial law. Some prints of the film include a 13-minute newsreel-style preface including Clete Roberts interviewing the actual participants.
 Click here for video:  Phenix City Story

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